About The Author

Josephine Blake enjoys a quiet life on the outskirts of Portland, OR. Her debut Historical Romance novel, Dianna, hit the shelves in August of 2016 and became a bestseller two years later. Her Gothic Historical Romance novel, A Brush with Death, followed suit later that year in 2018.

In June of 2019, she and her loving husband celebrated the birth of their daughter, Florence Jane. After a brief hiatus from writing, Yours at Yuletide became her very first Contemporary Romance release.

When she’s not writing, Josephine spends her daughter’s naptimes on graphic design projects, designing award-winning, top-selling book covers for authors all over the world.

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31 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Cherry

    I am looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations on having your book published. I wish I had a talent for writing.


  2. Julie Dewar

    Hi Josephine…..Julie here….leaving my confirmation number on my pre-order of your next book…..can’t wait to read it ….#D01-9667759-4101850…….love your books


  3. c4kwhite

    Where did you learn the art and craft of writing so well at such a young age? Did you have take writing in college or writing courses on your own or were you just blessed with this talent? Cannot wait to read your newest book. Congrats.


  4. Your book Dianna is an excellent read.
    The train station departure brought tears to my eyes . The scene in the Post Office was hilarious !
    Sad one minute, laughing the next, then I would like to get my hands on Grayson the next.
    You kept us going.


  5. I just finished Brendon’s Bookish Bride. As a matter of fact I believe I have read ALL of the entire Matchmaker’s Mix up series. Is there a way to give the entire series a good review? I don’t have time to give each story a review. By the way, yours was the class of the entire series. I started reading you offerings in the Silver Pines series. I suppose I’ll have to look into your Brides of Adoration series next! Yes, I love a good romance and am quite secure in my manliness in preferring them over all other genres. All God’s best to you.


  6. Jeffrey Ward

    I’ve subscribed to your newsletter. I have an affinity for your novella-length stories and smooth writing style. I’ve now read Maid in the West and have downloaded books 2 and 3 of the Brides of adoration series. I’m going to read all of them eventually. Full speed ahead. BTW, my dear late Step Mother’s family all came from the town of Colton, Oregon. Are you anywhere nearby? Does the Hult family ring a bell? they’re a huge family.


    1. Hey Jeffrey! I’m so glad you enjoyed Maid in the West! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series! Colton is about 15 minutes from me, actually. 🥰 I don’t recognize the name, but there are a lot of folks around here. 😉


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