Released in August of 2016, Dianna follows the story of a young woman in the 1880’s as she ventures into southern Wyoming to begin a new life with a man she’s never met.

Frustrated with her growing status as a spinster in 1885 Manhattan, Dianna pens a response to an advertisement posted by one, Greyson Crowley. Greyson offers little in the way of a loving husband, but something in Dianna’s heart pushes her to move forward.

Perhaps it’s the sight of a man so very different from the drab, overdressed society suitors she’s been exposed to. Perhaps it’s the call of an unexplored wilderness and the promise of a moment of excitement. Then again… It could be something else all together. Fate. Destiny. Possibly a horrible lapse in judgement…

As she faces difficulties she never imagined, Dianna must decide whether she will let her passion drive her soul or settle to enduring a life half lived.

In this clean, historical romance, Josephine Blake sets aside the notion of love at first sight and creates a romance that leaps over societal norms and embraces the idea that love is something that develops over time.


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