Cowboy, Take Me Away (Brides of Adoration Book 2)

Book Two-1

Be careful who you pretend to be… You might forget who you are.

Sweet but pragmatic Rachel Mueller takes a chance to do something exciting when she travels from Milwaukee to Adoration to become a mail-order bride. When the arrangement ends in disaster, Rachel is determined to make her own way in Adoration—she has absolutely no interest in returning to the drudgery of housework on the family farm, or the ridicule of her five brothers. In the few weeks she’s been in Adoration, she’s tasted freedom and she never wants to go back.

Disguised as a man, Rachel is able to earn far more than she ever could as a woman, and when she secures a position as a stable hand on a local ranch, her future—at long last—is hers for the living. However, she finds her growing feelings for the handsome rancher, Adam Roberts, much harder to conceal than the fact that she is a girl!

Cowboy, Take Me Away is the second book in the Brides of Adoration series. Each story is clean and sweet, with zero cliff hangers and a lovely Happily Ever After that is sure to make you smile!


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