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The Rumor Mill is the name of my newsletter, but it is also the name I have given to my fabulous group of Historical Romance readers and authors that have come together on Facebook to spread the love— so to speak. 😉

If you’re interested in some fantastic company and some fantastic giveaways, join us! Weekly giveaways, best-selling and award-winning authors, friends, readers, first hand news, and amazing people. Be part of the story.

The Rumor Mill

The following is a list of active Rumor Mill Authors and their webpages

Josephine Blake (ADMIN):

Allana Lucas:

Annie Boone:

Danni Roan:

Kit Morgan:

Robin Deeter:

Barb Goss:

Cindy Nord:

Deb Marlowe:

Lynn Winchester

Kari Trumbo:

Laura Landon:

Linda Ellen:

Lisa Prysock:

Lynda Cox:

Meara Platt:

Robyn DeHart:

Sandra E. Sinclair:

Tabetha Waite:

Reina Torres

Avril Borthiry

Alexa Aston

Regan Walker

Marianne Spitzer

Maxine Douglas

Jenna Brandt

Heidi Gray McGill

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