A Fantastic Multi-Author Series

When disaster strikes the small town of Silverpines, the women left behind must band together to survive.


Book One


Betsy Pike’s world comes crashing down when her fiancé, Silverpines’ Town Marshal, is gunned down on the eve of their wedding. To add insult to injury, his killer takes over every part of Ike’s life, the job of marshal, his house, and he even wants Betsy. What’s a girl to do? The men of the town won’t stand up to the outlaw and self-appointed marshal. When he gives her two months to grieve, Betsy comes up with a desperate plan: contact Elizabeth Tandy and order up a husband who has experience as a lawman.

Alexzander Sewell feels like he’s in the wrong place in Beckham, Massachusetts. Born and raised on Ryder Mountain in Harlan, Kentucky, he longs for the mountains of his youth. When his mother moved the whole family to remarry, he became stuck in the town of Beckham. Now his friends, the Tandy’s, offer him a chance to go west, all the way to the Rocky Mountains. The only catch: he must marry a woman in desperate need of a husband and a lawman. Can he find a way to be what Betsy needs and spend time in the mountains?

Can Betsy let go of her love for Ike and learn to love her mail order husband? Can Alexzander compromise on his dream of disappearing into the mountains to be the man his wife needs? Can they bring the killer to justice or will a series of natural disasters not only spell the end of Silverpines but of their marriage, too? What’s a woman to do when she orders up a Mail Order Marshall?

*This book is a Brides of Beckham book and the first book in a new Mail Order Husband series called Silverpines.

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Book Two


An earthquake shook more than the ground in Silverpines, Oregon!

April, 1899

A silver mine cave-in and lumber camp mud slide caused a shortage of young men in town. Women were saddled with running businesses and ranches alone. Laura Bennett, owner of White Oaks ranch, sends for a mail order husband.

Max Winters lost the love of his life, Catherine, to another man, so he decides to answer Laura’s ad. Since his true love was gone, he’d settle for a good partnership and a new life. He travels to Silverpines and is met with a beautiful bride and her adorable daughter, but also, many trials and setbacks. Will they overcome the tribulations and truly fall in love even after Catherine shows up as a widow?

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Book Three


Sarah Gillham has no intention of getting married EVER! Then a series of disasters wipe out the men in her hometown of Silverpines, Oregon, including her own dear poppa. With no men left, she and the other women of Silverpines are at the mercy of evil men who try to take advantage of their situation. In desperation, a plan is formed to save the town and poppa’s gunsmith shop: advertise for a groom. But Sarah wants a fake groom. A man who will actually be her employee not her husband.

Mason Dekum was a man with no heart left. His died the day his wife burned to death in front of him. Now he wants to get as far away as he can. His father-in-law gives him a gun pattern and orders him to go west and never return. He answers Sarah’s ad for a groom, and a plot is hatched to pretend to marry to keep her and her mother safe. For Mason, it’s the perfect solution, a fresh start out west without risking losing anyone else he loves. That is until he finds himself having real feelings for his pretend wife.

Will these two let their happy ever after go, out of stubbornness? Or will they reverse their declarations to never marry and follow their hearts? Will Sarah admit Mason is her wanted gunsmith?

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Book Four

Shopkeeper FINAL

Silverpines, Oregon

Millie Messer is exhausted and overwhelmed with raising her children and running the mercantile after the death of her husband in the earthquakes that devastated Silverpines. She does what many of the young widows and daughters are doing: Advertise for a Mail Order Husband. She thinks she’s found the perfect man to become her helpmate and new father for her four children.

Clay Cutler has a secret, two actually. One will be revealed when he steps off the train in Silverpines. He only hopes Millie doesn’t renege on marrying him when she finds out. The other he’ll keep to himself until it’s necessary to reveal it.

Millie is shocked when not only Clay steps off the train but five children with him. All she wanted was a shopkeeper. Now there are nine children in the family. All she knows is that there are lots of meals to cook and laundry to do. That and the outlaws, conmen, and swindlers who’ve come to town. Plus, she knows he’s keeping something from her.

Will a new husband and nine children be too much for Millie? Will Clay’s secret keep her from trusting him? Will it help protect the town from those who want to cause harm? What mischief can nine children get into? Is Clay the Wanted: Shopkeeper who will heal Millie’s broken heart?

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Book Five


Hattie Richards has two strikes against her: she is half Native American and a woman. Even with her education as a physician, the town of Silverpines doesn’t see her as more than a healer. Her exotic looks, and kind heart capture the attention of many men and the irritation of many women. When a disaster strikes, Hattie aids the very people who rejected her skills. Needing help, she sends a telegram to her alma mater back East asking for a resident physician.

Dr. Robert Childs has always wanted a practice of his own. When a position for a town doc opens in Silverpines, Robert knew this was his opportunity to move West and start anew. The only condition? He must come as a mail-order groom. If that isn’t bad enough, his intended wife has no idea of his existence.

Hattie is grateful for the help he provides caring for the many wounded. As they work together, Hattie finds herself falling in love with the gentle doctor. He is caring, attentive and seems at ease working with Hattie and her more natural remedies. However, she isn’t the intended bride!

When the real resident physician arrives, Dr. Childs realizes he may have arrived under false pretenses. Can these two people open their hearts to true love and heal more than just the people of Silverpines?

This is a sweet romance with some kissing and lots of misunderstandings, as two wounded people go seeking a happily ever after. Although this is part of the Silverpines series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

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Book Six


Ella Grace Mulvaney, a twenty-two-year-old orphan, lives in the Howard House Orphanage for Girls in Silverpines, Oregon. Along with her eight “sisters,” she has been well educated in decorum, all aspects of taking care of a home, and every subject her spinster guardians deem necessary to survive in a man’s world. When tragedy strikes, Ella Grace is left in charge of the local Inn. Trying to save it from being sold to disinterested East coast buyers, she decides to send for a mail-order husband who would also purchase the Inn.

Michael Karson, tired of running the family hotel in Wisconsin, desires to head West and answers Ella Grace’s ad in the Grooms Gazette. He likes the idea of purchasing an Inn far from home but isn’t sure about marrying someone sight unseen. Surely, just answering the ad isn’t a commitment and buying the Inn doesn’t mean marrying the girl.

Will love draw these two young people together or will a love-struck, dangerous miner, Michael’s tyrannical father, and a rifle-toting spinster guardian keep them apart?

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Book Seven

AManofHonor FINAL

When her brother dies in the earthquakes that destroy Silverpines, Elena Somersville knows she needs protection from the ruthless gunslinger, Mace Thorne. Her brother’s gambling habit had betrothed her to the outlaw and now there is no one to keep him at bay. A mail order husband seems the only way to keep Mace from collecting his debt.

Tobias Clayborne vows to avenge his best friend and his wife’s death at the hands of the notorious gunslinger. When he discovers Mace Thorne has a wife waiting for him in Silverpines, he responds to a mail-order husband advertisement in order to search and kidnap the gunslinger’s wife and use her as bait to lure the killer.

Little does Tobias know that Elena, his intended bride he never had any intention of developing feelings for, is promised to a man he despises. Her deception at Tobias’s expense keeps Elena from opening her heart to the stirrings of love growing between them

When their secrets are exposed, will her brother’s past prevent Elena from having her happy ever after? Can this Man of Honor save the woman he loves from the outlaw he hates?

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