The Brittler Sisters

The Bestselling Historical Romance Series

Four wealthy Manhattan socialites with dreams as big as their hearts. In this sweet, historical romance series, they’ll travel to the edge of the deepest oceans, journey to the highest mountains, and conquer their biggest fears.

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The Brittler Sisters Book One

Not every mail-order bride falls in love with her groom.

Dianna Brittler isn’t interested in love anyway. She’s looking for an adventure. Sick of the stuffy life of a Manhattan socialite, Dianna takes a terrifying chance and rides West. West. Where there are mountain lions and bears and savages lurking around every corner. West. Where she finds a fiancé more intent on his drink than anything else. West. Where she is rescued by a savage Indian with zero sense of propriety. I mean. Really. What else could go wrong?

The tale of Dianna Brittler is a sweet adventure in the Old West that will leave you craving more. Lucky you, Dianna’s story continues in The Brittler Sisters Series: Book Two—Little Rose.

”Josephine Blake has written a captivating romance you won’t be able to put down.”
— Bestselling Romance Author, Laura Landon

Little Rose

The Brittler Sisters Book Two

Safety is their first priority.
Years after their runaway marriage, Dianna and Shiye’s tiny Frontier family has made a secret life for themselves deep in the Wyoming countryside. Their cozy cabin is a far-cry from the upscale comfort Dianna grew up in, but—to her—it’s a dream.

A dream that is about to shatter.
The danger in Shiye’s past has finally caught up with them, and again, the couple must face the impossible choice: fight or flight?

“…grabs ahold of you and does not let go. I loved it!” — Amazon Reviewer

“Absolutely FANTASTIC sequel to Dianna, the first book in The Brittler Sisters Series!!” — Amazon Reviewer

“Little Rose’s story is sweet, heartwarming, intense, terrifying, and you won’t be able to put it down.” — Amazon Reviewer


The Brittler Sisters Book Three

Charlotte Brittler is content.
Unlike her elder sister, Dianna, who headed West in search of a life of adventure, Charlotte thrives in the bustling, overcrowded Manhattan streets. If she could only find a husband, her life would be complete. So, when the son of a local oil baron captures Charlotte’s hard-won interest, she is immediately swept away down a path full of secrets and intrigue, in a twisting game that threatens her very heart.

Logan Drexel is the son of a professional con man. Nothing more and nothing less.
His father has gambled away his grandfather’s company, wasting any funds they bring in on maintaining an appearance of exuberant wealth to the Manhattan society. Charlotte Brittler is his only chance. Logan knows that if he is to recover his dignity—and his family’s good name—he needs money, and a lot of it. So, he promises himself one more con. One last time, he will seek to deceive someone for monetary gain. If he can marry Charlotte, every debt collector can be safely swept under the rug, and he can escape the clutches of a father that has used him time and time again.
But Charlotte is not a prize to be won. She’s a furious, flame-driven storm that will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and Logan quickly realizes that the tables have turned. When he set out to steal Charlotte Brittler’s heart, he never banked on losing his own.

“I loved it…the vibrant characters, the story, and humor, all came together perfectly! Truly one I could sit down and read again right now. I highly recommend this book; what a fabulous adventure!” — Amazon Reviewer

“…full of deceit, suspense, love, and lies, just enough to keep in guessing.”— Amazon Reviewer

“Charlotte is an enticing tale of love and redemption. You will fall in love with the characters as they fall for each other…”— Amazon Reviewer


The Brittler Sisters Book Four

A secret she would give anything to protect…

Sarah-Jane is one of the Brittler Sisters—four upscale socialites that have the entirety of Manhattan at their feet… and a reputation for scandalous behavior. Sarah isn’t anything like her sisters however, she has expectations to uphold, rules to follow, people to please… secrets to keep…

And a logical man who will not be reasoned with.

When Carson Williamson stumbles across a fiery-tempered woman in the ruins of his great great grandfather’s mansion, he never once suspects that she would be the same well-bred, high-class lady he has arranged to meet the following week.

Under the impression that Sarah-Jane is distinctly unhinged, he sets about attempting to force her to show her true self to the world, and thereby have her committed. But Sarah-Jane isn’t about to have that. She’s not insane. And now she must prove it to Carson before he does something drastic.


The Brittler Sisters Book Five

A daring rescue might just lead to the scandal of the century!

Noelle Brittler has ever been the romantic, but a damsel in distress? No. She does not need rescuing… until she does. On the way to procure a cake from the most esteemed baker in Manhattan, she is set upon by thieves and rescued by… The Baker himself! By way of thanks, she invites the handsome scoundrel to her mother’s 50th birthday celebration… in disguise, of course.

Aided by the intoxicating Miss Noelle Brittler, Kenneth Black adopts the character of a well-known architect in order to attend a fine gathering of fine people. Their plan seems to be working well… until certain costly items begin disappearing beneath the noses of the many wealthy guests in attendance.

There are cries of theft and everyone is looking for someone to blame. As tensions rise and passions come to fruition, the pressure is on to find the thief and clear his name. Kenneth can’t have Noelle, but he’d sooner be tossed out on his ear than let her think him a thief.

The Bestselling Brittler Sisters Series is a fantastic look into Victorian America and the Western Frontier. Each story is clean, sweet, romantic and character driven, with a creative touch that speaks for the unique writing style Josephine Blake has developed.

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The Heart of Hope

A Brittler Sisters Prequel

Parker is floundering. After a disastrous confrontation with the son of his current employer, he has been ousted out of every position he has applied for. Angry, and more than a little desperate, Parker hastily accepts an offer of work from Phillip Crowley, unaware of the dangers he will be faced with on the Crowley Ranch. His story unfolds in a heart-wrenching fashion. Friendships blossom and love wanders unexpectedly into Parker’s life. Love and loss, faith and friendship. The Heart of Hope offers a glimpse into the life of a character whose story wasn’t ready to end.

The Heart of Hope is a Companion Tale to Josephine Blake’s Dianna!