The Hands of Fate

In 1888 London, join the hunt for Jack the Ripper, scramble away from the clutches of Death, and find yourself in someone else’s life.

A Brush with Death

Book One

A dying heiress.
The haunting threat of looming madness.
And a Ripper stalking the London streets.

Whomever dares to marry Isabel Vanderton will be rich, that much is clear. The problem is, Isabel isn’t interested in marrying. She isn’t really interested in dying either, but Death is impatient.

He has haunted Isabel for years—her most persistent suitor—and now, he is bent on claiming what is rightfully his. Determined, Death sets out on a careful game of seduction that threatens Isabel’s very sanity. She will succumb to him, or she will suffer the consequences.

As Isabel bargains desperately for her very soul, tales of Jack-the-Ripper plague all of London. The longer she delays, the closer she comes to losing everything and everyone she holds dear.

Is a life in darkness better than no life at all?

It is time for Isabel to make her choice.

A Brush with Death is currently being re-published by Oliver-Heber Books

Coming Soon in January of 2023

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A Twist of Fortune

Book Two


She was never supposed to be in London…
And she was certainly never supposed to be mistaken as the Duke’s 

Luca Deval is content with his life in the shadows. He has finally found a place amongst the Cirque De Straniu, a traveling show made up of a band of miscreants and thieves. He is not about to let a botched scheme drive the Cirque into the ground, or land them all in prison (again.) The Cirque is his family. It is his duty to keep them safe. So, when the leader of the Cirque announces his plans to kidnap the Duke of Westmire’s fiancé and hold her for ransom, Luca plays his part well.

But the so-called Heiress is nothing like he expected her to be, and before Luca realizes what has happened, the woman has enthralled him. Will he be capable of setting her free when the time comes? Or will the woman that Luca has kidnapped capture his heart instead?

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