Signed Copies

While Supplies Last!

I wanted to offer you all the chance to purchase a signed paperback copy of either of the following titles. I’ve ordered about twenty of each! So this is a limited time offer for the moment.


Book 1 in The Brittler Sisters Series

New Cover Dianna

Click HERE

to purchase your signed copy of Dianna


Book 3 in The Brittler Sisters Series


Click Here

to purchase your signed copy of Charlotte

FYI: I’ll shortly be placing an order for Book 2 as well!! Keep an eye out! 😉

Please Note: Shippng is only available for customers in the United States, if you order from outside of the U.S. your product will not be sent unless you wish to cover the additional shipping costs. Sorry for any inconvenience, loves! 😘

All Payments will be processed through Paypal



Charlotte Brittler is content. Unlike her elder sister, Dianna, who headed west in search of a life of adventure, Charlotte thrives in the bustling, overcrowded Manhattan streets. If she could only find a husband, her life would be complete.
When the son of a local oil baron captures Charlotte’s hard-won interest, her most basic instincts come into play, and Charlotte is swept away down a path full of secrets and intrigue, in a twisting game that threatens her very heart.

Logan Drexel is the son of a professional con man. Nothing more and nothing less. His father has gambled away his grandfather’s company, wasting any funds they bring in on maintaining an appearance of exuberant wealth to the Manhattan society.
Charlotte Brittler is his only chance.
Logan knows that if he is to recover his dignity—and his family’s good name—he needs money, and a lot of it. So, he promises himself one more con. One last time, he will seek to deceive someone for monetary gain. If he can marry Charlotte, every debt collector can be safely swept under the rug, and he can escape the clutches of a father that has used him time and time again.

But Charlotte is not a prize to be won. She’s a furious, flame-driven storm that will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and Logan quickly realizes that the tables have turned. When he set out to steal Charlotte Brittler’s heart, he never banked on losing his own.


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